The Department of Mechanical Engineering is committed to create globally acceptable technical manpower with vale based education.


i) To develop a culture of learning by promoting state of art education technology.

ii)To promote industry relevant employable skills, professional competence, intense education and practice.

iii) To provide the learners an environment of value based education as well as the skills and innovation to adapt to changes in the global environment.
The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)::

PEO 1: To prepare students for successful careers in industry to meet the needs of Indian and Global companies & to become entrepreneur.

PEO 2: To provide opportunity for students to work in their individual capacity as well as to function as teams on multidisciplinary projects.

PEO 3: To enable students for lifelong learning, inculcate in them professional ethics and encourage for sustainable development.

PEO 4: Identify and engage in query, develop new innovations and products.


In 1920, late Bholanath Baruah, a leading citizen of Assam, a timber merchant by Profession, from his long experiences in different fields strongly felt the need of a technical school in Assam. In his opinion, without technical education, development of a state could not be possible. He thought of establishing such an institute at Jorhat because Jorhat was the central position of Assam and further surrounded by a number of tea gardens. With this view, he came forward and donated rupees one lakh for the establishment of the institute and thereby opened one trust to guide and look after the affairs. This amount was deposited to the then Government of Assam with a view to have a prompt action from the Govt. And he expected to commemorate the visit of the then Prince of Wales of UK in the month of November 1921. Mr. Baruah's idea came into reality and got positive response from the Govt. and finally in 1927, the Institute was established in the name of "His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Technical school" and later on in 1946 it was renamed as " His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales Institute of Engineering & Technology". The Institute is located at the heart of Jorhat town which is 0.5 km from Jorhat town railway station and 5 km from Rowriah airport.

At the very beginning, a certificate course on Mechanic was started in the technical school to cater the technical manpower need of the state especially for Assam PWD department and oil industry. Later on the Mechanic trade was renamed as Higher Motor Mechanic (HMM). In 1948, the certificate course was converted to 3-year Diploma course in Mechanical- Automobile Engineering and with one year compulsory practical training again in the year 1957, the four year Diploma course was introduced in Mechanical Engineering.

The intake capacity of Mechanical department was 35 at the start of the course. Intake capacity was increased to 40 from 2008.

Courses offered:-

3-year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Details of laboratory:-

i. Engineering Mechanics Laboratory

ii. Material Testing Laboratory

iii. Theory of Machine Laboratory

iv. Refrigeration & Air conditioning Laboratory

v. Computer Centre and CNC Laboratory

vi. Heat power Engineering /Elements of Mechanical Engg. Laboratory

vii. Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines Laboratory


1. Mr. Montu Hazarika, Lecturer (SG)BE,M.E

2. Mrs. Dulurani Mazumdar, Lecturer (SG), BE,M.E

3. Mr. Bipul Dutta, Lecturer,(S.S)BE,M.E

4. Mr. Biralal Doley, Lecturer, BE

5. Mr. Tayab Ali, Lecturer,(S.S)BE,M.E

6. Ms. Suni Pegu, Lecturer,BE,M.E

7. Ms. Jayashri Bhuyan,Lecturer,BE

Senior Instructor: 

1.Sri Rajib Bhagawati

2.Sri Jiten Ch. Bora

Faculity Details:

Mr. M Hazarika

Mrs. D Mazumdar

Mr. Bipul Dutta

Mr. B.Doley

Mr. Tayab Ali

Ms. Suni Pegu

Mr. R.Bhagawati

Mr. J.C.Bora

Ms. Jayashri Bhuyan