Examination is held twice a year - once for all the odd semester and the other for all even semesters. However, fifth and sixth semester examination will be held twice a year.
There shall be one final examination at the end of each semester and it shall be termed as
  • (a) 1st semester examination,
  • (b) 2nd semester examination,
  • (c) 3rd semester examination,
  • (d) 4th semester examination,
  • (e) 5th semester examination
  • (f) 6th semester examination.

  • The contact hours of instruction per week to each paper shall be as per curriculum structure.
    Marks allotted to each paper on Theory/drawing/laboratories/workshop practice/viva-voce at the semester examination as per curriculum stricture.
    The examination Committee on behalf of the State Council for Technical Education, Assam shall be responsible for all semesters relating to holding of all six semester examination.
    All the six semester examinations shall be conducted by the respective institution on behalf of the State Council for Technical education by means of written test, practice test, oral test, internal assessments etc. on the subjects as per curriculum structure and scheme of the examination.
    All examinations shall be normally be held at the respective institute offering the course of instruction. On extraneous circumstances, the examination committee may decide to change the venue and date of the examination.
    The date, time and venue of each semester examination shall be notified by the secretary of the State Council for Technical education for any other office authorized by him, at least 21 days before the commencement of the examination.
    All the semester examinations shall be open to candidates who have prosecuted a regular course of whole time study as per the prescribe curriculum for respective semesters at the institution s affiliated to the State Council for technical Education.
    An internal student of an Institute ,shall be permitted to appear in semester examination as
    Regular Student: Who has attended at least 75% of classes held in each of the theory and practical subject individually.
    Collegiate Student: Who has attended at least 60 % of classes as held in each of the theory and practical subject individually and can prove the reasonable general ground of his less attendance. Such students must pay a fee by the institute authority called “Non-Collegiate fee” ime.along with examination fee.
    Any candidate who is an internal student but has attend less than 60% of classes in any one or more subjects on Theory and/or Practical shall not be eligible to appear in the respective semester examination,Claas teacher will submit the attendance report of all the student to the Principal every month and Principal will notify the attendance status of all the students and issue necessary instruction to irreregular students with a copy to the guardian from time to time. Such student will be declared as discollegiate student,if he/she could not come up to the required attendance even after intimation.
    A candidate shall be permitted to appear in the semester examination if he/she has paid all fees and dues up-to-date and has no liability of any kind to the institution including hostel.
    A student desiring admission to a semester examination shall send a application to the effect in prescribed form, to the secretary to the SCTE through the head of the respective institute along wit h the requisite fees within such date as notified by the head of the institute or the secretary of the SCTE.