To nurture world class technocrats in Electrical Engineering.


i) To organize diploma programme in Electrical Engineering to produce technocrats of higher calibre.

ii) To develop effective communication strategy between knowledge and skill based education system.

iii) To organize contnuing education programme in the field of electrical engineering to cope up with the rapid technology advancement worldwide.

iv) To assist by sharing knowledge and skills to underprivileged specially rural community in mitigating unemployment problem.

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)::

PEO-1: Relevance with the curriculum of state technical education of Assam, to build up successful student carrier with a consolidated foundation with skills in the field of Electrical engineering for a technocrat or an engineer.

PEO-2: Provide adequate exposure and opportunity to create effective communication skill and leadership qualities along with capability to take individual responsibilities for well being of the society with global and environmental context.

PEO-3: To impel students for lifelong learning and continuous training for professional development on their required discipline and introduce them to professional ethics and sustainable development.


It has been started in 1957. Number of present intake is 40.

Courses offered:-

Electrical Engineering Course, CDTP House Wiring and Motor Winding Course, Electrical Engineering Subject in Community College, One Year Electrician Course in Kakojan College.

Details of laboratory:-

i. Principle of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

ii. Elements of Electrical Engineering Laboratory

iii. Electrical Measurement Laboratory

iv. Electrical Power Laboratory

v. Electrical Machine Laboratory

vi. Computer Laboratory


1. Mr. Pramod Deka, Lecturer

2. Mr. Prajit Goswami, Lecturer

3. Mr. Saif Uddin Barbhuiya, Lecturer

4. Mr. Javed Mustakim Borbora, Lecturer

Senior Instructor: 

1.Mrs.Buli Gogoi

Faculity Details:

Mr. P.Deka

Mr. P.Goswami

Mrs. B. Gogoi