To be a leader in the field of Civil Engineering by imparting quality education and keeping pace with the changing technology .


i) To impart sufficient knowledge and skills in the field of Civil Engineering .

ii) To produce professionally competent Diploma Civil Engineers with moral end ethical values.

iii) To provide hands-on experiences in a congenial environment in the changing technological era.

The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

CE/PEO- 1 : The graduates in civil engineering diploma will acquire knowledge and the ability for its application in the field of basic science, Humanities and Engineering.

CE/PEO- 2 : The graduates in civil engineering diploma will possess technical knowledge, skill and professional ethics to serve the society effectively in the field of Engineering.

CE/PEO- 3 : The graduates in civil engineering diploma will have the perspective of lifelong learning for acquiring knowledge and motivation for higher studies.

CE/PEO-4 : The graduates of our civil engineering diploma inculcate leadership qualities, entrepreneurial spirit and strive for environmental sustainability.


A 4 Years Certificate Course in Civil Engineering equivalent to diploma was started from 1948 and 3 years Diploma started from 1957 . The present intake in first semester of Civil Engineering Diploma is 60. From third semester an additional 10% of this intake is filled up through lateral entry from ITI pass outs . Total strength is 66 per semester from 3rd semester onward.

Courses offered:-

The department offers 3-years Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Details of laboratory:-

i) Material Testing Laboratory

ii)Transportation Engineering Laboratory

iii) Geo-Technical Engineering Laboratory

iv) Survey laboratory

v) Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

vi) Environmental Engineering Laboratory


i) HOD I/C: Sri Pratap Borah,(SG),BE,ME

ii) Mrs D P Gogoi, Lecturer (SG)

iii) Mr D K Deka, Lecturer (SG)

iv) Mr D J Bora, Lecturer (SG)

v) Mr A K Bora, Lecturer (SG)

vi) Mrs N M Bora, Lecturer,(SS)

vii) Mr K. Gogoi , Lecturer,(SS)

viii) Mr J.M. Saikia , Sr. Instructor

ix) Mr. P Borthakur, Sr. Instructor

x) Mrs R Saikia, Sr. Instructor

Faculity Details:

Mr Pratap Borah

Mrs D P Gogoi

Mr D K Deka

Mr D J Bora

Mr A K Bora

Mrs N M Bora

Mr J.M.Saikia

Mr K. Gogoi

Mr. P Borthakur

Mrs R Saikia